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Discovering the project

Dubreuilville, Ontario

Paving the way for the future with the Alamos Project and Rouillier Drilling

The Alamos gold project for the Island Gold mine, located in the Dubreuilville area of Ontario, is owned by Alamos. Dubreuilville is a predominantly French-speaking community in northern Ontario, located 300 km north of Sault Ste. Marie. This promising project is already underway and will create jobs for several years to come, providing continued economic activity for miners. Rouillier Drilling has been working on this project since January 2019, with three underground drills and a fleet of equipment at its disposal. The contract is currently for a period of three years, with the possibility of renewal.

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  • Underground Diamond Drillers and Helpers - Island Gold Mine

    Job Description

    Project: Island Gold Mine - Alamos Project - Dubreuilville
    Type of employment: Full time
    Start of functions: 05/04/2021
    Salary: Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package
    Schedule: 14\/7 and possibility 14\/14, 10 hours per day
    Deadline to apply: 04/30/2022