In-House physician to serve our employees | Forages Rouillier


Rouillier Drilling already offers its employees an attractive extended assistance program, but it has just added a bold new element that takes its ongoing concern for its collaborators’ wellness to the next level. Rouillier Drilling recently added a physician to its team in order to meet its employees’ healthcare needs!

Rouillier Drilling wants to establish the best possible working conditions and to adopt best human resources practices, and has never hesitated to move proactively. It hopes to provide its employees with VIP service and has been actively improving its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) over time.

From now on employees will have access to a team of physical and psychological healthcare professionals. Nothing less! Through Concept Ascension R.H., a mobile firm that provides healthcare professionals to businesses, they can consult:

Wellness and performance management expert;
Educational specialist;
Family mediator;
Social workers;
Massage therapist;
Professional art therapist; and

In this way, an employee who is going through a difficult period can get support much more rapidly than through the public system, where the wait is sometimes very long. Rouillier Drilling is adjusting to its employees’ needs and ensuring that they receive treatment rapidly when they ask for it. Rouillier Drilling is providing an exceptional value-added to its employees. “It’s important to stand out as an employer today, and we have come to understand that if we want to make our employees loyal and attract new workers, they have to be happy and feel at home in their job,” said CEO Mario Rouillier.

For Rouillier Drilling, employees are happy if they know that their families are fulfilled and protected. For this reason, the firm has given not only employees, but their families as well, access to healthcare services. True access to healthcare and the possibility of obtaining a medical opinion promptly: that’s the treatment Rouillier Drilling is offering its employees!

Rouillier Drilling and VersaDrill both belong to Groupe Rouillier, so VersaDrill employees also benefit from the same attractive Employee Assistance Program.

About Groupe Rouillier

Groupe Rouillier, headquartered in Abitibi, is a leader in the mining industry for diamond drilling and the fabrication of high-performance equipment. This privately held family business includes Rouillier Drilling, Youdin Rouillier Drilling and Avataa Rouillier Drilling in Québec, Pro Forage Guyane in South America and VersaDrill Canada, which manufactures equipment used around the world. Groupe Rouillier and its team of over 400 skilled employees are masters of the art of meeting their clients’ needs and expectations. The firm adheres strictly to all environmental protection and employee health and safety legislation and regulations, and is a well-established company respected in Canada and around the world.