Rouillier Drilling always has its employees’ safety and well-being in mind, which is why it offers them an unparalleled Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach that makes care and services easily accessible to all our employees. In fact, employees and their families now have access to a doctor and a team of other healthcare professionals for greater peace of mind. As part of its continuous improvement process, Rouillier Drilling has partnered with the mobile firm Concept Ascension R.H. to give its employees access to:

A nurse practitioner, a psychoeducator, an expert in wellness and performance management, a psychotherapist, a chiropractor, a specialized educator, a family mediator, a social worker, a massage therapist, a professional art therapist and a doctor.


Moving parts are extremely dangerous for drilling helpers on a drilling site. That’s why we established a team to address the problem by finding a way to prevent drilling helpers from coming into contact with moving parts in the first place.

Énergie zero- Energy

This logo, installed on all of the company’s drills, proudly indicates that they include a system developed by and for employees.


We also provide support and training for our superintendents and foremen to make sure that all of our workers on all of our sites follow the prevention program to the letter.Our official Policy on Health and Safety at Work is also updated regularly.
Learn more about our Policy on Health and Safety at Work


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