Surface drilling : Services & Equipment | Rouillier Drilling

Services and equipment

Rouillier Drilling offers a full range of services to mining companies for surface drilling,
regardless of what stage the project is in.

We have more than 30 surface drilling machines, which allows us to do an unparalleled job for our customers.
We also ensure that we always maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Our specialties

  • Surface diamond exploration drilling
  • Deep boreholes
  • Environmentally conscious brush clearing and logging
  • Hole deviation with iron or retractable shims
  • Mobile camps and core shacks
  • Guided cementing and coring

Complementary services
for accurate targeting:

Possibility of assistance with cutting-edge Navi-Drill™
or Devico™ systems


Deep drills


Rouillier Drilling has more than 30 skid drills; some can reach a depth of 3,500 metres.

Weight: 40,000 lb
Drilling capacity: maximum of 3,500 m on N/WL
B/WL to P/WL corers; core diameter: 1,433 (1 7/16) to 3,345 (3 11/32)

Drilling machines for sensitive environments and swampy or difficult-to-access terrain


Rouillier Drilling’s track drills can drill up to 1,600 metres at N/WL size, depending on the model. Their wide treads have the benefit of leaving a relatively small footprint. The latest KmN 1.4S model maintains a ground pressure of 25 kPa. These drills are self-propelled, so they do not require heavy machinery to move them from one site to another.

Total weight: 33,500 lb
Drilling capacity: 1,600 m on the N/WL

Heliportable drills

Heliportable drills are easy to transport and are built to minimize the number of helicopter trips needed. 22 to 24 B2 helicopter trips are generally required depending on the drilling depths involved. These drills are generally used in areas where land access is impossible or non-existent.

Weight: 1,800 lb (heaviest piece)
Drilling capacity: 800 m on the N/WL

Health, safety and environment

As a company that offers surface drilling services, it’s our duty to always put the health and safety of our workers first. We’re equally committed to ensuring a clean and healthy work environment.

Our internal policy guarantees that these values are always respected during your project.



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