Rouillier Drilling | Mineral exploration & Directional drilling

A family business since 1977

As a privately-owned directional drilling company, we offer a full range of mining services,
from surface diamond drilling to underground and helicopter drilling.
We want to remain a leader in the mineral exploration industry in Eastern Canada.

Surface drilling

An exploration project involves several stages; the advantage is that Rouillier Drilling can support you throughout the project.

Our large team of directional surface drilling professionals work with reliable, safe and efficient equipment. We also pride ourselves on our strong environmental focus and prioritization of health and safety.

Underground drilling

Underground drilling is an art. Naturally, our drillers are master artists, and our drilling machines are works of art!

Since the purchase of Boreal Drilling a few years ago, our services have included diamond exploration drilling, triple tube drilling, 5 ½” push and pull drilling for service holes, cementing boreholes. The skill of our employees and the quality of our drills are what makes us stand out and what keeps our clients coming back again and again.


Our company is constantly growing, so we’re always looking for exceptional drillers. Joining the Rouillier family means finally having a job that fits you like a glove.

We’re a close-knit, passionate, authentic team that cares deeply. If you value being true to yourself, at work and at home alike, take a look at our postings. You might just find the perfect fit!

Job offered


Health and safety

We know it, you know it and our employees know it: health and safety is of paramount importance during a drilling campaign.
We believe in it so much, we’ve even made it one of our corporate values.

We have an internal policy that supports the health, safety and well-being of our employees at all times.


The UL 2724 ECOLOGO® certification for mineral exploration service providers is the first Canadian certification for mineral exploration companies. The certification initiative was created in response to mineral exploration stakeholders’ and investors’ concerns about compliance with environmental standards and projects’ social acceptability. It establishes new standards on how to approach a project and carry it out properly from start to finish. In collaboration with the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (QMEA), we started the process to obtain mineral exploration certification in 2013. As of October 23, 2019, we were the first to receive certification in the UL 2724 ECOLOGO® certification for mineral exploration service providers, having completed all the steps required for the process.



    The QMEA’s Xplor convention, the event that unites the mining industry, is fast approaching. And one of the hallmarks of this event is its Recognition Awards, which celebrate members’ achievements. This year, Rouillier Drilling is honoured to be named one of three finalists for the “Excellence in Sustainable Development” award. Rouillier Drilling cares deeply about sustainable development For many years now, Rouillier Drilling has been actively involved in sustainable development. It is part of our efforts to help limit the environmental impact of exploration activities by making choices that help preserve ecosystems while protecting the communities around our projects, here and across Canada. Whether we’re deciding on resource use and exploration methods, choosing the equipment we use to do our work, or coming up with the latest innovation, we do everything possible to make sure our activities are environmentally responsible. A pioneer in the field As the first Canadian mineral exploration company to obtain the UL 2724 ECOLOGO® certification for mineral exploration service providers, we place a high priority on innovation in the development of our products and services, as well as on health and safety and sustainable development. Our recent successes would not be possible without the collaboration and hard work of our […]


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