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Embodying our values at Rouillier Drilling

Many companies say that one of their core values is “putting people first.” That value is more important than ever right now, and many want to work or do business with companies that care about people. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of companies whose slogans proclaim appealing values that turn out to be meaningless upon further examination.

It begs the question: why claim a value if you don’t mean it?

Walking the talk

A company’s values should guide everything it does. Every one of its actions and decisions must reflect those values, from its employees’ work to its social and environmental responsibility guidelines. So if we say that we care deeply, it means our company’s actions should reflect that. It also means that we need to provide resources and tools to coach, support, and help employees when needed. We support our employees and foster a sense of belonging through protective measures like our Occupational Health and Safety plans, support systems like our employee assistance program (EAP), continuing education and professional development opportunities, and a human resources department that protects and listens to employees.

In short, companies need to walk the talk. They need to have a strong desire to follow through and establish concrete practices to reflect those values every time someone interacts with them. Company culture, which is unique to each organization, also implicitly supports and reinforces values.

What does it mean to be a company that cares deeply?

We’re looking for the perfect balance: we need to maintain a personal touch, respect the people who come into contact with the company, and ensure that people feel satisfied and at ease when they interact with us and their fellow Rouillier employees. In short, we can truly say that we care deeply about people and the quality of their relationships.


Working from the bottom up

There’s no better way to get to the bottom of things and understand how people feel than by surveying employees and customers. That’s how we made sure we’re truly embodying the core values we claim.

First, we needed to talk to our team to learn why they started working with us and what makes them want to stay. We have highly dedicated employees who are proud to be part of the Rouillier Drilling family. This feeling of belonging is reflected in the incredible contributions of the valued team members that have made this company so strong.

We also wanted to know why our customers chose us and why they’ve decided to stay. We truly want to offer them the best services possible. Our customers thank us by staying loyal and being grateful for our work.

In both cases, we found that the Rouillier Drilling experience—the warm atmosphere and friendliness that marks all of our interactions with our team, our customers, and the communities where we work—is what makes the difference. The quality of our relationships, the team spirit, the deep respect we have for each other, the reciprocity and cooperation we share… These are the things that define us and make us stand out.

The lightbulb moment

Talking to our valued customers and team members revealed one key message: the core value we embody every day is that we care deeply about the people around us. They enrich our experience and make our work truly satisfying. What is at the heart of our actions? What drives us? It’s our caring interactions and the quality of our relationships that led us straight to the thing that defines and distinguishes us. It immediately became obvious that our slogan had just been born. Quite simply, “We care deeply.”

Discover our new slogan here:

More important than ever

Our slogan means more than ever right now. Teamwork and helping each other have always been in our DNA.

We care deeply, and this pandemic reminds us of that every day. We all need to buckle down, keep everyone safe, overcome obstacles, and find ways to fight COVID-19. We may be physically distanced, but we’ve never been closer. The Rouillier Group family is united in solidarity.

It’s this sense of community that ties us together like never before. After all, the thing that unites us and drives us is the fact that we care deeply.

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