ECOLOGO Certification Program | Forages Rouillier

Rouillier Drilling, has passed the penultimate step!

As a service provider in the mining exploration sector, we are very pleased to be the pioneers in obtaining the first certification for UL 2724: ECOLOGO Certification Program for Suppliers of Mineral Exploration Industry. We are very excited about this accomplishment and look forward to continuing to make this certification a key standard in mining exploration.

Pioneers in certification

In collaboration with the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (QMEA), Rouillier Drilling started the process to obtain certification in mining exploration in 2013. As a world first in this sector, the certification initiative was created in response to mining exploration stakeholders’ and investors’ concerns regarding compliance with environmental standards and the social acceptability of projects.

Two types of certification programs have been developed:

  • The UL 2723 certification program for mining exploration companies
  • The UL 2724 certification program for service providers in the mining exploration sector

Close to certification

As a service provider in the mining exploration sector, we are well on our way to obtaining UL 2724 certification. We’ve passed the second-to-last step in the certification process, the field audit. As we approach the final step towards our certification, we are very excited and look forward to continuing to make this certification a key standard in mining exploration.

A clear need

The launch of these first standards for companies in the mining exploration sector has arrived at the right time. Good corporate citizenship is becoming a growing concern in the business world, including in mining exploration companies. Mario Rouillier, President and CEO of Rouillier Drilling, told us that this approach has confirmed the importance of the environmental practices they already apply on a daily basis, by demonstrating a concern for the environment that will ensure continuity for future generations. “These practices, which have been part of our corporate values from the beginning, also help promote a more attractive image while setting us apart from the competition. These actions, and this certification, will also reassure local and indigenous communities, creating jobs, but will also have the clear advantage of establishing rigour in our practices. This, in turn, will establish new standards on how to approach a project and carry it out properly from start to finish.”

“At Rouillier Drilling, we are a company that aims to be a pioneer in ECOLOGO certification. We are a pilot company for this certification, having begun the process in 2013. Now that we’re very close to achieving our goal, having reached the penultimate stage of the certification process, the field audit, we are very excited and intend to continue working to make this certification a key standard in mining exploration.”

Origins and support for certification

Launched by UL, an independent non-governmental organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, this first certification for the mining exploration sector aims to recognize and promote environmental, economic and social best practices.

This project was initiated by the QMEA in partnership with the Government of Quebec, the MISA Group, the UQAT-UQAM Chair in Mining Entrepreneurship—which was at the origin of the development of the standard—and UL, which now oversees the standard. The certification program is available for Quebec companies and will soon be available to companies operating across Canada.

Mathieu Savard, Chairman of the QMEA Board of Directors, explained that “Implementing a mineral exploration certification adds value to the development of our companies by applying and improving environmental, social and economic practices, all of which will greatly contribute to the success of a project. The data collected during the certification process will meet the responsible practices requirements of investors and project partners.”

The QMEA will support exploration companies and their service providers in their adherence to the standard by providing them with guidance, which will reduce the learning curve both in the field and at the administrative level. Companies’ efforts and attention to detail will promote their success in their process.