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Coming together for better mental health

As one of the most important pillars of personal well-being, mental health influences every facet of our lives, including work. That’s why people come together each year on October 10 to mark World Mental Health Day . This important day is dedicated to raising awareness as well as educating and mobilizing people around issues such as isolation, lack of social interaction, and stress—which have been all too prevalent over the past few years in Quebec. Marking this day each year has paved a way for open discussions on the subject of mental health. More and more, people are willing to talk about it, get information, and seek help. However, there’s still a long way to go, and as a company, we want to be part of those who are talking about it and rallying to the cause.


Men’s mental health in the mining industry

In the mining industry, where the majority of the workforce is male, providing help as quickly as possible is paramount to avoid tragic consequences. Just as we take our car to the garage when it breaks down, it’s important to speak up at the first sign of trouble, not when all the lights on our dashboard light up.


Men, in particular, face social pressure which discourages them from seeking help—a phenomenon that has alarming consequences. Men account for around 75% of the estimated 4,000 deaths by suicide in Canada each year. Some regions are also more affected than others, such as Abitibi-Témiscamingue, where the number of diagnoses of mental health disorders is higher than the average for the rest of Quebec.


Suicide is often exacerbated by social pressure. It is a complex problem influenced by a wide range of biological, environmental, socio-cultural, and psychological factors. Men are more likely to experience some of the factors that can increase the risk of suicide. Seeking help or taking the time for yourself can be seen as a sign of weakness or loss of masculinity. Today, however, this toxic ideal is slowly giving way to a healthy, wellness-oriented lifestyle. What can be considered as a true strength, achievement, or admirable act is to defy social norms, speak up and ask for help, and have the courage to overcome the fear of being judged by others. A man’s strength is not limited to his abilities or physical appearance; it encompasses his resilience and mental fortitude.

Resources close to home

With the health and well-being of our team in mind, Rouillier Drilling has set up an employee assistance program designed to meet both physical and mental health needs. In addition to prioritizing a caring, family-oriented, and supportive atmosphere, we have ensured our employees and their families have access to a complete team of healthcare professionals. Because looking out for those you love is just as important as looking out for yourself.


Several mental health resources are also available no matter the request and, as we’ve mentioned before, from the very first signs that things aren’t going well. One of the main reasons why men are more psychologically at risk is because they tend to wait a long time before seeking help. By seeking help quickly, you can speed up the recovery process and make sure you receive the tools you need in a timely manner. In other words, the sooner you say what’s on your mind, the sooner you’ll feel better. Implementing the EAP+ is our way of putting the well-being of our employees first and ensuring they receive care when they ask for it. Whether you need to meet with a clinical nurse, a psychoeducator, a wellness and performance management expert, a therapist, a family mediator, a social worker, a physician, or another healthcare professional, we offer VIP support through Concept Ascension R.H.


Don’t wait until it’s too much

Although we value understanding and acceptance and encourage all our employees to use our program as needed, we understand that opening up about personal situations in the workplace can be yet another barrier to seeking help. What’s more, we would like to provide resources and support to everyone who reads this article, not just internally. The Comité détresse chez les hommes de la MRC Abitibi has launched the “Attends pas d’en avoir plein ton casque” (Don’t wait until it’s too much) campaign, aimed at men in the workplace. This campaign’s tools are an effective resource with goals that align with ours. Designed to promote men’s well-being and raise awareness of their realities, the campaign offers an instant, anonymous, and virtual help service. These conditions can help lower the barriers of discomfort that come with face-to-face meetings, and offer real help, quickly.


If you’re feeling sad, tired, heavy, misunderstood, or in any other way uncomfortable, don’t wait.



Attends pas : 1 888 707-2666

Talk Suicide Canada: 1 833 456-4566  (SMS : 45645)

Centre de prévention du suicide d’Abitibi-Ouest : 1 866 277-3553




Attends pas


Gouvernement du Canada

Instituts de recherche en santé mentale du Canada


Commission de la santé mentale du Canada