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EAPs: A valuable resource

Just a few months ago, if someone had told us we’d be in the middle of a global pandemic and the world would be in lockdown, we simply wouldn’t have believed it.

Yet that’s exactly what we’re living through right now, and naturally, it’s changed our lives and habits. That said, there are excellent resources available to help us handle the ramifications of this upheaval and get through these unprecedented times.

This crisis is trying, to say the least. That’s why the Government of Québec has launched platforms and initiatives like the Mental Health Action Plan (Plan d’action en santé mentale). These programs are there to reassure people, teach them what to look out for, and share the resources available to people affected by the self-isolation measures.

Here are some resources for coping with the pandemic:

The federal government has also worked quickly to improve access to information, launching a platform on Public Health Canada and the Wellness Together Canada portal to share the resources available to Canadians:

If the need arises, it’s important to act quickly and use these resources.

What is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is an invaluable workplace resource. It encourages wellness and helps employees in need by offering confidential support and treatment. Anyone who wants to talk to a professional counsellor or make an appointment can simply phone the Employee Assistance Program line, which is available 24/7/365.

Our employees are our priority

At Rouillier Drilling, our employees are truly our most valuable assets, so we take good care of them. After all, Rouillier Drilling wouldn’t be here without them. We understand the value of the people that make up our devoted team, so we’re doing everything we can to support them. That includes giving them as much information as possible about our hygienic and preventive measures for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Because the wellness of our team members is so important to us, we believe that they should have quick and easy access to physical and mental health services. We know it’s important to feel like you’re supported and in good hands.

That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive—and, frankly, outstanding—Employee Assistance Program. This expanded program not only improves access to mental health services, but also to medical care. Dubbed the EAP Plus, this program is more valuable and relevant than ever in these unusual times. Employees and their families need access to immediate, personalized care, especially now.

Whether our employees need to see our doctor, our nurse, or another healthcare professional quickly; immediately talk to a mental health resource like a therapist or psychoeducator; or need to address another health issue, we will make sure they get the help they need without delay.

Knowing that you have easy access to help or care, without needing to do endless research, make calls, or wait months for an appointment, greatly improves your quality of life and peace of mind. It’s one less thing to worry about.

In this video, Frédérique Rouillier, one of our human resources advisors, describes the many services available through our EAP Plus program. (Video available in French only).

Above all, don’t hesitate to ask for help, no matter what type of care you need. This program was created specifically to help those in need.

An adaptive program

Our program is constantly developing, and new services will undoubtedly be added over the next few years. To do that, we’re staying attentive to our employees’ needs and keeping our focus on continuous improvement so we can offer even more guidance and support to the Rouillier Drilling team.

Quality of life at work

Knowing that you and your family have access to customized care and services is just one of the advantages of working at Rouillier Drilling!

Learn more about the benefits of working at Rouillier Drilling.




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