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Get paid to study in the diamond drilling industry… REALLY!

That’s right, you could get paid to learn a trade and to build a future in the perfect job for you!

A career with a future: what does that look like to you?

Does it look like working in a place that suits you, where you feel good? Is it a job you see yourself doing for a long time, or a job in a forward-looking, environmentally-conscious company?

What about a job in a place that ticks all those boxes? At Rouillier Drilling, we care deeply! It’s even our slogan, and it’s what defines us.

Rouillier Drilling knows that its employees are its most valuable asset, so it makes sure to take care of them.

It’s also the very first services mining company to receive the UL ECOLOGO® certification for mineral exploration, proving its social conscience and its commitment to protecting the environment. What’s more, as a certified company, it always prioritizes local labour and suppliers.

Whether it’s in terms of health and safety, training, working conditions, or the environment, Rouillier Drilling is truly a winner!

 One big family

As a member of the big Groupe Rouillier family, Rouillier Drilling offers the EAP+ (Employee Assistance Program), which is available 24/7/365. The program includes access to a company doctor and several other healthcare professionals. It’s available to all of our employees and their families.

In short, working for Rouillier Drilling is like being part of a big, close-knit family! It also means working with people who have a real passion for their work.

A golden opportunity

You can now join the Rouillier Drilling big family by training in diamond drilling. You’ll even get paid to do it! Thanks to a work-study program, you can learn this trade and have a guaranteed job of choice at Rouillier Drilling once you’ve finished your training.

This four-month Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) program:

-gives you the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to drill safely;

-shows you how to prepare and repair drilling equipment;

-teaches you about diamond drilling in overburden and rock, on the surface or underground.

Learn more on Facebook Live!

Don’t miss our Facebook Live on July 8th at 6:30 pm, in collaboration with the Centre de formation professionnelle Val-d’Or and the CSMO Mines, where we’ll tell you all about the diamond drilling DVS and paid internship! If you want to build a career or just change things up, don’t look any further. Your place is at Rouillier Drilling!

Taking a four-month training course in diamond drilling, getting paid to do it, and knowing that you’ll have a great job afterwards is an incredible opportunity.

Whether you’re building a career or looking for a change of pace, Rouillier Drilling is very proud to offer this opportunity to anyone who’s interested. We’re waiting for you!

Learn more about the program.

Are you interested in a career at Rouillier Drilling? You can apply here.

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