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Groupe Rouillier: A Strong Group of Mining Experts

You might be wondering what the Groupe Rouillier is, and why we’re talking about it today.

The Groupe Rouillier is a leader in the mining industry. It’s a group of companies specializing in many parts of the mining industry on a provincial, national, and international level, and it serves customers around the world.


One group, one strength

Rouillier Drilling, GtechDrill, VersaDrill Canada, and VersaRent are all part of the Groupe Rouillier family. The group is also home to drilling companies Youdin Rouillier Drilling, which operates in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and in Northern Québec in collaboration with the Cree Nation, and Avataa Rouillier Drilling, which operates in Nunavik in collaboration with the Inuit Nation. Working with Indigenous communities allows these companies to contribute to their growth and development.

As for GtechDrill, it specializes in manufacturing refined, cutting-edge geotechnical drills and a full range of services. VersaDrill Canada’s focus is on manufacturing high-performance diamond drills. The group is completed by VersaLocation (known as VersaRent in the United States and the rest of Canada), which leases geotechnical drills.

The Groupe Rouillier’s cutting-edge equipment, services, and expertise are complemented by its renowned knowledge and professionalism. Together, they allow the group to meet the changing needs of a growing mining industry.


Above-average standards and measures

The Groupe Rouillier is also known for caring about the environment. Its companies do everything in their power to comply with current environmental standards. As a leader in environmental protection practices, the Groupe Rouillier is also constantly on top of the latest measures and recommendations. In fact, it remains a leader in this area.

Rouillier Drilling is even the very first mining exploration company to obtain ECOLOGO certification!


Working with communities

The Groupe Rouillier firmly believes that communities should be considered when planning and preparing operations. It’s an inherent part of our business model to keep the communities in which we operate informed, and we make it our duty to respect them as we work. Cooperation and openness are essential, both in our projects and in the communities where they take place.


A valued employer

Working for one of the Groupe Rouillier’s companies means being part of a large, tight-knit team. It means being around passionate people who thrive on tackling exciting challenges every day.

It also means being secure in the knowledge that your employer cares about its employees’ health, safety, and wellness. The group’s dedication to protecting its employees is more reassuring than ever during this pandemic.

In other words, you’ll love working at a Groupe Rouillier company! Every company in the group shares and embodies the same values. We’re a group of people who are proud to be part of this amazing family and share in its successes and firsts!

The Groupe Rouillier has just updated its website. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about us. Check it out!

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in a career in our group? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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