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Health, safety, and wellness in the workplace: more important than ever!

Everybody wants to feel safe at work. And with the current pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have prevention measures that suit this new reality. In order for employees to feel safe, these measures need to be thorough, well thought out, and tailored to their jobs and workplaces.

A workplace that is designed with everyone’s wellness in mind is the cornerstone of a solid OHS policy. It allows employees to work safely and not worry about accidents.

Leaders in health and safety

Safety, prevention, and our employees’ well-being have always been at the heart of Rouillier Drilling’s values. In fact, they’re the norm here. A healthy, well-tailored workplace allows employees to feel safe and comfortable at work. That’s why we go the extra mile for health and safety.

Our prevention programs

Our measures include support and training for our superintendents and foremen to make sure that all of our workers on all of our sites follow the prevention programs to the letter. We also regularly update our official policy on workplace health and safety.

The effectiveness of our health and safety programs is evidenced by the decrease in injuries on our sites. That said, we need to be ever more vigilant and further strengthen our preventive measures in response to this new reality. To that end, we have added new measures (such as protective barriers and physical distancing practices) to our health and safety arsenal to limit contact and reduce the risk of infection.

Rémi Nolet, our Occupational Health and Safety Director, makes sure that information and communications are shared with everyone; after all, information is an excellent way to limit the spread of the virus. He also supervises our operations to make sure that employees are aware of the tools available to them and that they fully comply with our protective measures, like regular hand washing and wearing visors when they need to work within 2 metres of another person. Finally, we ask that employees with potential symptoms of the coronavirus stay home from work.

Of course, as part of these new measures, we stay up to date on the CNESST and INSPQ’s latest rules, recommendations, and tools for prevention and workplace health and safety.

Quick, appropriate response

We have carefully studied and developed a full set of measures and procedures to keep employees safe in situations where we may have to respond quickly.

This includes a detailed procedure guide to help all of our employees understand and follow these measures. Among others, this guide describes the best practices to follow, which products to use, and which protective equipment to wear to reduce the risk of contamination and prevent the spread of the virus.

Right now, everyone needs to be much more conscientious at work, and this applies to the mining industry as well. We’re doing everything we can to protect our customers, our employees, and their families.

Well equipped to work!

Our Amos plant has designed a kit that attaches to a drill so that drillers and driller helpers can stay protected wherever they go.

Station d'hygiène          Station d'hygiène

This custom kit, which we call our “Hygiene Station,” contains items like N-95 masks, disinfectant, and paper towels—in short, everything our team members might need to stay safe and healthy while working.

We have also outfitted our vehicles with distancing and protection panels so that our employees can travel safely. It’s a reassuring measure for everyone!

These changes allow employees to travel together while staying safe.


A team effort

From physical distancing measures to personal protective equipment to procedures for potential infection, we’ve thought everything through to limit the risks and allow employees to work as safely as possible. Everyone needs to be careful and follow these new measures so that we can continue working safely and stay healthy. We all need to do our part to protect those around us.

We want everyone to be careful and stay healthy. After all, our valued employees and customers are the key to our success. We wouldn’t be here without you!





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