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Some trades aren’t very well known. People aren’t familiar with what they require, what their training involves, or how they can join the ranks.

Often, even less is known about the working conditions for trades like these. So you might be pleasantly surprised to discover just how well you can make a living doing them.

This is the case with diamond drilling: not only is it an exciting and gratifying job, but it’s also one with a great future and very attractive conditions, including an incredible driller’s salary.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Read the rest of this article to find out more about your future job!

Diamond drilling: a wealth of information to discover!

To become a diamond driller, you need to get a DVS in drilling. The program lasts four months. That’s a relatively short training period considering the many advantages and future prospects of this trade. In other words, you don’t need to study for years to enjoy an interesting and stimulating career. What’s more, the employment rate is very high.

It’s a perfect choice for those who love to move and work outdoors, and who don’t enjoy monotony. No two days in the life of a diamond driller are the same!

Highly attractive pay

A driller can make a very good living. According to Jobillico, the average salary for a driller in Canada is $78,624 per year.

The CFP de la Baie-James says that with performance bonuses directly tied to productivity and metres drilled, as well as distance bonuses, a diamond driller could earn up to $100,000 per year after three years on the job.

In addition, with a certain number of years of experience, you can climb the ladder. As you go from driller to foreman to site superintendent, you’ll undoubtedly find your calling!

Rouillier Drilling, a gateway to your future

As a member of the Groupe Rouillier family, you’ll be part of a team of people who help and look after each other in a friendly atmosphere with outstanding working conditions. The company offers very competitive salaries, unparalleled health and safety measures, and an exceptional employee assistance program (EAP+), which includes access to a physician and a range of healthcare professionals for employees and their families to cut down wait times.

Exceptional pay with Rouillier Drilling

In addition to enjoying paid training through our partnership with the CFP Val-d’Or (which gives you not only field experience as soon as you finish your training, but also a guaranteed job upon graduation), you’ll also be joining a company that offers you excellent conditions right from the start!

Rouillier Drilling is a great place to practice the diamond drilling trade. This large, close-knit family knows how to take care of its own. As a company that strongly emphasizes quality of life at work, it offers truly outstanding conditions. Its slogan is “We care deeply,” and it embodies that every day.

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