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The drilling industry: focused on caring for the Earth

Environmental consciousness has always been a priority at Rouillier Drilling

When it comes to environmental consciousness, Rouillier Drilling is one of the mining industry’s pioneers. We have always strived to operate responsibly and implement best practices like limiting tree cutting and protecting watercourses and sensitive areas as much as possible.

Our actions and operations have always been guided by the environment, and it’s the vigilance, commitment, and motivation of our team that allow us to keep improving. As a company, we remain fully committed to reducing our environmental impact and doing our part to build a more sustainable future for all.

How it started and where it’s going

The rise of environmental consciousness has brought about many changes in the mining industry, prompting companies to review their practices to keep their environmental impact to a minimum. Rouillier Drilling is no exception. We have implemented several responsible practices to protect not only the environment, but local communities as well. For instance, we collaborated with the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (QMEA) and the UQAT-UQÀM Chair in Mining Entrepreneurship to participate in the creation of the UL 2724 ECOLOGO® Certification Program for Suppliers of the Mineral Exploration Industry. The organization approached us because of our expertise and commitment to protecting the environment and local communities. Our discussions led to the creation of a certification that meets the needs of the mining industry while recognizing companies that adopt responsible practices.

Rouillier Drilling was the first Canadian mining exploration company to obtain the UL 2724 ECOLOGO® Certification Program for Suppliers of the Mineral Exploration Industry, which recognizes companies’ efforts to reduce their environmental impact. This certification is also an effective tool for demonstrating Rouillier Drilling’s commitment to environmental protection.

Young people are more aware than ever

Young adults in their twenties are often very eco-conscious. In fact, while environmental responsibility wasn’t very common even just a few years ago, it’s become a priority for many. Today’s young workers are increasingly interested in working for companies that understand the need to respect the environment and are taking concrete steps to limit their impact. This growing consciousness is especially evident at Rouillier Drilling. Our employees go above and beyond to limit the company’s environmental footprint.

Every gesture counts

Over time, we’ve reimagined the tools and equipment we use every day. For instance, we now use biodegradable oils and have added caterpillar tracks to our drills. Small, concrete steps like these add up to make a big difference.

Taking the planet’s future to heart

Here at Rouillier Drilling, we’re proactive and take steps to limit our impact on the environment. In particular, we follow current regulations, have a strong waste management process, and listen to the concerns that local communities share with us.

Beyond that, our team is also trained to respond quickly to breaks and accidental spills. This rapid response means that Rouillier Drilling can limit its impact on the environment when mechanical breakdowns occur.

From awareness to action

When developing products and services, we place a great deal of value on innovation, occupational health and safety, worker well-being, and sustainable development. We believe that innovation is essential to meet the ever-changing needs of customers while adhering to the strictest sustainability and social responsibility standards. Rouillier Drilling will keep employing innovative practices to offer the best possible products and services while upholding our commitment to the environment and the community.

Shared awareness

Obtaining UL 2724 ECOLOGO® Certification Program for Suppliers of the Mineral Exploration Industry doesn’t just stop at Rouillier Drilling. Two of our sister companies, Avataa Rouillier Drilling and Youdin Rouillier Drilling, also passed the audit with flying colours, making them the first Indigenous companies to obtain the certification.